Pioneers In Redevelopment - Pandit Javdekar
01 / 01


Pioneers In Redevelopment

A rapid transformation of Pune in the last decade has seen construction of international standards enter the city, with the city limits themselves extending to accommodate the development. Redevelopment has therefore become a fast-growing sector in building and construction, as people realize the need to upgrade their homes and lifestyles.

We have executed redevelopment work in some of the best locations in the city and transformed the look of the area with new and smart designs coupled with the attempt to optimize the lifestyle that a prime location can provide.

Challenges Faced

Probably the most challenging part of redevelopment, after the process has been initiated, is the ability to accommodate all the parameters vis- a -vis the areas and designs of the flats of the existing members of the Society/Apartment within the framework of available space. The challenge therefore, is to design a structure that fulfills all requirements even with planning limitations. We believe that even with these constraints, it is possible to create a functional design that exceeds expectations. We do not entertain individual preferences, thus ensuring everyone gets the same standardized product.